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How to Assemble: Hello World Circuit Board


To assembly the Hello World circuit board, perform the following:

  1. Solder the resistor in place, clip the excess leads.
  2. Solder the push button in place.
  3. Solder the LED in place, ensure the minus terminal of the LED is connected to the minus terminal of the battery (See schematic if you are unsure).  The LED will not turn on if it is put in backwards.  Clip the leads before inserting the LED into the board.
  4. Solder the battery mount in place.
  5. Screw on the four standoff legs on.
  6. Insert the battery into the battery mount.  Ensure positive of the battery is connected to positive of the battery mount.  There will be a "+" symbol on the battery and the mount.
  7. Press the button :)

Hello World Schematic


 An LED has two terminals.  The positive terminal is the longer of the two.  The negative terminal of the LED is shorter. 

LED Positive & Negative Terminals


 How to wire a LED

What if you don't have a Hello World board?  Watch the video below to see how to wire a LED to a breadboard and see what happens if you get the current calculation wrong!

 Understanding how the Circuit Works

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